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Sometimes, I feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done. And I know I’m not alone with this feeling.

When I ask couples how many times they have sat down together to communicate during the previous week, or to get out in Nature and go for a walk together, the response is often that they will frown, exchange glances, and try to rack their brains to remember.

Often they will say something like “We had a chat on Tuesday for 5 minutes when I was making the dinner, just before you left to go to  [football practice/running/pub quiz]”.

And often they will admit that they haven’t made time at all.

Common reasons given include:-

“We’ve just been too busy”

“By the end of the day, we’re just exhausted”

“There’s just been too much going on”

Most of us can relate to this, can’t we? Whether we have demanding jobs, children, family commitments, house renovations, work projects, long commutes, we often find that actually spending dedicated time with our partners, just to communicate, is becoming more and more difficult. Let alone actually getting outside in the sun and fresh air, to reconnect with Nature. And what makes it even more challenging is that these are all valid reasons!

The problem is that reasons become excuses when you manage to make time for all of these other commitments, but not for your relationship. I believe that if you really want something, you can decide to make it happen. And if you both decide to improve the communication in your relationship, it will happen. But you have to commit to it EVERY DAY.

You might ask, “But how?”. Well,  it’s actually much simpler than you think. How do you make anything else happen in your life?  You just decide you are going to commit to, and prioritise it.

So make the decision to commit to improving the communication in your relationship every day. Going outside into Nature can also help you to relax more and get the change of scenery you need together.

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