Do opposites attract?

Sitting in my garden yesterday evening, I spent some time noticing all the natural examples of opposites around me.

There were the opposite colours, with the red rose by my side, nestled among the green leaves, giving off it’s gentle, heady scent released by the warm sun. The yellow and purple colours in the pansies. The orange clouds against the fading blue sky as I watched the sun set.

I also thought about how all the elements in that moment were in existence at the same time. I could hear the sound of Canadian geese splashing around in the river just the other side of my garden wall, whilst the fire in our chimnea burned in preparation for cooking our meal. I could feel a gentle breeze on my face (and sunburned shoulders!) as I lay on the grass, feeling heavy and rested and connected with the earth.

I noticed how all of these opposites existed in harmony together, and in fact were dependent on each other in order to exist in the first place. All reliant on a delicate balance. Complimentary.

I often see couples in a state of unresolved conflict, stuck in their opposing positions and not willing to budge. Often, these couples are so invested in their own, individual opinions, that they lose sight of the bigger picture – that actually, their opposing experiences and feelings are natural. That we are not designed to always see everything in the same way.

That as part of nature ourselves, we will inevitably find ourselves in what seems like a state of opposition, or even contradiction. And sometimes we experience this with our partners!

But rather than resist it, and dig our heels in, we can embrace it!

Why not celebrate the fact that when we are in opposition with our partner, it is nature’s way of reminding us of the delicate balance of opposites that is needed for Nature to exist.

If we honour it by acknowledging our partner’s feelings, with them affording us the same courtesy, we can learn how to exist side by side in balance. In harmony.


It all starts with communication.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this and what you have found works for you and your partner in holding both of you feelings in balance, so feel free to comment below!

And remember, maintain and tend to your relationship as though it were a beautiful garden, and watch it thrive!

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