Do you crave a peaceful, balanced relationship?

To achieve peace in your relationship, or any apsect of your life, you need to achieve balance.

It’s a natural law.

We see examples of this everywhere in Nature, both externally ( i.e. the climate, the seasons), and inside ourselves (our moods, our physical make-up). Nature maintains our health through homeostasis.

This doesn’t mean that we should be in a constant state of balance, staying flat and un-moving. In fact it’s completely normal for us to move between extremes.

In relationships, we can find ourselves swinging between joy and outrage, closeness and separation, hope and fear, and many other extremes of emotion.

It’s natural for this to happen from time to time – all part of the human experience and not necessarily a sign that there’s anything wrong in your relationship.

As the moon waxes, we can often begin to feel more emotional. When  I was working as a nurse in hospital on night shifts, we always knew some of our patients would become confused during a full moon. But after reaching its peak, the moon begins to wane.

It all starts to balance out.

If your relationship stays in one extreme for too long, or swings between extremes too frequently, and it feels like an emotional rollercoaster more often than not, over time, you start to suffer. You realise something’s off-kilter.

You long for peace.

The key to balance is to have a stable core to come back to in the first place. Something for those emotional extremes to orientate themselves around. An anchor. A secure base. Without this, we are vulnerable to flying off-centre.

How do you achieve a secure base in your relationship?

To answer this question is to understand the nature of attachment – how we form bonds with our partner, and how our ability to do this this is influenced by the past.

If you’d like more information on this and how it can help your relationship enjoy greater balance and harmony, contact me today to ask about my Relationship Coaching Packages.


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