Do you take your partner for granted?

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. We have an ever-increasing list of commitments and tasks to do every day. We can be so distracted by these tasks, that when it comes to relationships, we adopt an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality.

So, when things are relatively smooth in your relationship, you don’t want to “rock the boat” by bringing up seemingly small issues. Quite often we tell ourselves, as there is no specific “problem” in the relationship, there’s no need to pay closer attention to the quality of the relationship.

But can you really know that for sure?

If it’s true that we’re so distracted, how can we really know what’s going on for our partners? How can they really know what’s going on for us? How can we really know if we’re both truly happy if we don’t take the time to pay attention to the relationship?

I’ve seen many couples suddenly reach crisis point through lack of relationship maintenance. Problems that could have easily been resolved early on in the relationship are left unattended to. The result is a huge rift.

In essence, we can take each-other for granted.

It’s also common for us to do the same with our bodies. Do you find that you ignore the various niggles, aches, sprains, and power through the day, drinking more caffeine if you feel tired, eating junk food when you feel low in energy? We’re all prone to doing this.¬†And to doing so, we’re basically ignoring our bodies, taking them for granted, and treating them like machines.

The chances are that if you’re doing this to your own body, you’re probably doing this to your relationship too.

It’s very important to realise that your relationship with your partner starts with your relationship with yourself.

The interesting thing is that we don’t do this with our cars! We don’t expect a car to run with no petrol. We take it for its regular service to check for issues before they become more of a problem. The result? We prevent our cars from breaking down when we need them the most.

I find it really interesting that we have this sensible approach with our cars, but not our own bodies or relationships!

What really matters is to pay regular attention to yourself, your physical and emotional health, and the physical and emotional health of your partner and therefore your relationship.

Take regular time to check-in with each other. Have conversations. Ask your partner if they’re happy, and if not, ask them what you could do to help improve things and enhance the relationship.

If you tend to and maintain maintain your relationship on a regular basis, you’ll find an enormous source of support in your partner.

Remember the natural law of synergy, which is everywhere in nature. That is, when two or more things work in harmony to create an effect which is greater than either could achieve on its own.

And if you’d like my help in developing a plan for your own relationship maintenance, simply contact me by clicking the link below and enquiring about my one-to-one coaching packages for couples.

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