Embracing change!

During the course of your relationship, you will undergo many different changes, either as individuals or together as a couple. Nature teaches us that these changes and transformations are an inevitable part of life. And as a living thing, your relationship will also evolve over time.

Sometimes we will see change coming, and have time to prepare and adjust, just like the seasons.

But sometimes we will be less prepared.

Just like a sudden storm might hit, or an earthquake might suddenly cause tremors, the whole foundation of your relationship can suddenly feel precarious.

You may find yourselves in the midst of a crisis, unable to cope with such sudden change. It might lead you to fight the change, to resist it. And you may clash with your partner over the best way to manage that change.

But what if you were able to absorb the sudden impact of change, so that you could digest it, internalise it, and make sense of it in a calm and measured way, as part of a team?

What if you could welcome the change into your relationship, no matter how difficult, and accept it instead?

What if you could claim the crisis, allow it to gestate, and then allow it to unfold, just like a butterfly awakening from its cocoon, transforming into something beautiful?

Conflict, crises and obstacles will all lead to change in your relationship. Rather than fearing it, you can make that change work for you! And as a result you will see change not as a threat, but a friend. An opportunity for growth and transformation.

If you struggle to manage change in your relationship, my Compassionate Conflict for Couples course could be exactly what you need. In the course you will learn exactly how to manage conflict in a healthy way, so that arguments are a thing of the past, and the changes that conflict can bring about can be changed into positives! You will learn the exact skills and techniques needed to communicate more effectively. I strongly believe that conflict is a natural and inevitable part of a relationship, and once you accept this and learn to embrace it, it can become a positive experience!

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