Feeling adrift at sea?

When I was young, I would stand on the beach, look at the sea, and admire the vast expense of water extending into the distance. It was beautiful, quiet, serene, and awe-inspiring…..

And it could also feel lonely.

Standing there, I got a sense of how small I was in relation to the vast ocean. It could feel overwhelming. I had no idea what lay beyond the horizon, and would sometimes imagine what would feel like to drift out to sea.

Sometimes, relationships can feel similar. It can feel like you’re floating out at sea, without a navigation system, with no sense of where you will end up.

It’s normal to feel like this in your relationship sometimes.

And just as my feelings of overwhelm never prevented me from returning to the sea, feeling lost in your relationship doesn’t have to prevent you from dealing with the issues.

The first stage is acknowledging how you feel, and then sharing your feelings with your partner through effective and open communication.

Over time, you will feel less and less adrift, and will learn how to navigate the sometimes stormy seas together.

You can’t always do this alone, and this is where a Relationship Coach can make a huge difference to your relationship. Clarifying exactly what the issues are can make them feel less daunting. And having the tools you need to deal with them effectively can be extremely empowering.

If you would like to feel more equipped to navigate your relationship, contact me today further information on my Compassionate Conflict for Couples course. Delivered over four modules, you will learn the exact tools and techniques that you need to be able to resolve conflict in a respectful, calm, and loving way, without conflict escalating into an argument. Click below to find out more.

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