How balance can heal your relationship

There are examples throughout nature demonstrating the presence of balance – opposite colours existing together (red berries on green leaves, orange and blue sunsets), the period of calm after the storm, night following day.

The more you look around you, the more you realise the importance of balance in nature, and how, as with Summer and Winter, one extreme cannot exist without the other.

And when you look within, and notice how the body is constantly finding homoeostasis to stay healthy, you realise that balance is healing.

And just as having a relationship with nature is essential to your emotional, physical and psychological well-being, it is important to have a balanced relationship with nature. To give as well as to take. To look after the environment just as it looks after you. Without this care for the environment, the environment is threatened and the future of the natural world uncertain.

The same applies to your relationship with your partner. There must be give and take. This includes respect for each-other’s feelings, thoughts and opinions, and acceptance that both are important – even when you don’t agree with each other. The balance that can be achieved through teamwork and collaboration. The balance achieved when both partners listen to each other.

A balanced relationship based on mutual needs being met, can make your relationship more secure, heal old wounds, and therefore establish a more certain future for your relationship.

So try this simple, 20 minute exercise to make time to listen to each other:-

  • Allow your partner to speak for 10 minutes without interrupting them, even to ask questions. That includes body language and facial gestures – if your partner notices you rolling your eyes or shrugging your shoulders, it will interrupt their flow and discourage them.
  • Then swap roles and you speak for 10 minutes, while they give you the same courtesy.

Practice this exercise daily until you become used to just listening without interrupting each other. Notice how much more balanced the communication in your relationship feels.

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