How to gain perspective on your relationship

When we become concerned with issues in our relationships, it can feel as though they are all consuming. As though nothing else on this earth matters to us, and we lose the ability to see clearly because we are so enmeshed with our problems.

And when we gaze up at the night sky, and see the stars and the moon, the sheer enormity of the universe can begin to sink in.

It reminds is that no matter what else is going on in our lives, there is something much bigger than us. Something that we are a part of.

It can put everything into perspective.

It can give you a sense of space to breathe and reflect, and look at things objectively.

Which is exactly what relationship coaching can give you.

When I work with couples, I hold both the individuals’ experiences, alongside an objective perspective. And not only can I show you a broader view of your relationship, I can show you how to see it for yourselves in an ongoing way.

Just as you can expand your view outwards towards the edges of the universe, you also can channel your vision inwards, knowing that you are both made up of the same stardust as everything you see in the night sky.

You can look within, at your own constellations of individual and relationship challenges. You are able to be your own inner witness to your relationship, achieving greater clarity and objectivity by understanding context, and yours and your partner’s emotions and thoughts, more deeply.

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