How to manage change in your relationship

Clouds connect us to Nature through our imagination.

I remember lying on the ground when I was young, and gazing upwards on a summer day, watching the fluffy white clouds constantly changing shape against the deep blue sky.

When we do this we see what we want to see in them – animals, people, objects – whatever makes sense to us at the time. And when the shape changes, we enjoy creating new meanings.

If we do this with someone else, we enjoy showing them what we can see, tracing the outlines with our fingers and pointing out the things that they cannot see, and they to us, until that breakthrough moment of excitement comes – “Oh yes! I can see that now!”

What if we were as adaptable in our relationships, accepting that things change frequently, including ours and our partner’s moods, motivations, desires, priorities? 

And rather than feeling threatened by these changes, we embraced them with the same enthusiasm, and created something new?

What if we made a point of discussing the changes together, showing our partner how we feel about the changes, and them showing us how they feel, so that we both get that moment of realisation – the “Oh yes! I can see that now!”.

So that potential conflict therefore shape-shifts into an opportunity for change and growth?

The good news is, you can do this, and I can help you! It all comes down to effective and open communication.

Click below to download my Compassionate Conflict for Couples e-course. You will learn over 4 weeks everything you need to get started on overcoming conflict and managing change in your relationship in an open and flexible way, without things escalating into an argument.

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Deepening your connection with Nature 🙂

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