Out with the old….

If you take the time to look around you in nature, you’ll see new beginnings everywhere. Even in Winter, often seen as the “death of Summer”, you’ll notice new berries have grown. Even the loss of leaves from the trees signifies how they are moving into a new natural phase, and making way for a brand new crown in the spring.

But change can be scary. Sometimes you have difficult, practical choices to make in your relationship, such as moving house, getting married, thinking about children, changing careers. Sometimes the challenges are more complex and internal, such as learning to see things from your partner’s perspective, changing habit or a routine, or even deciding on the future of your relationship.

It’s really important to welcome change in your relationship, rather than seeing it as a threat to your security. If your roots are established enough, you can relax in the knowledge that as a living, breathing thing, with two individuals involved, change is inevitable in your relationship.

You will learn to see change in a positive way, bringing with it: –

• New experiences
• New possibilities
• More choice
• Opportunities for growth
• Fresh perspectives
• A time for renewal

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