Pay attention!

Attention is a powerful source of nutrition for your relationship.

You need this from your partner almost as much as you need food.

This need is in all of us goes right back to childhood – think about the lengths a child will go to to gain attention. Even negative attention can feel better than no attention at all.

Without attention, we become stressed, we feel emotionally undernourished. Our relationship wilts and disintegrates.

The child in us starts acting out to get attention. We might become demanding, needy, persistent, unreasonable even. Or we might withdraw from our partner, becoming passive-aggressive, some of us even posting statuses on social media reflecting our displeasure, hoping to gain attention from concerned others, becoming hugely disappointed when we don’t.

And what about our need to give attention? Without giving attention, we’re unable to really connect with our partners. We won’t really know them, and they won’t feel understood by us.

So ask yourself:-

  • How much attention do you need from your partner?
  • Does your need for attention cause you to act out in certain ways in your relationship?
  • Can you honestly say that you give your partner the attention they need?

Attention is a life energy in your relationship. Recognising its power is vital, because giving each other positive attention, making sure this is balanced evenly between both partners, can mean the difference between a relationship that becomes stagnant, and a relationship that thrives.

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