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Walking across the quiet campsite at the Wilderness Festival this time last week, watching the sunrise, everyone still asleep in their tents, I thought about how much I love the mornings.

I like to get up early, at around 5am, to go out in Nature and experience the stillness before everything and everyone wakes up. I love to watch the sunrise – it always looks so beautiful and serene.

I enjoy the cooler air – especially in summer, and the dew still on the grass and leaves. I love the sound of birdsong.

Everything smells different and feels fresh.

I get so much more done in the mornings – it is when I am at my most productive and creative. That’s why I make the most of this feeling and attend to all my most important tasks first thing, such as exercising, creating new content for you, exercising. I am rested from the night before, my sleep having flushed away the unresolved anxieties from the day before and repaired my muscles. It’s as though overnight my mind and body has reset itself.

Mornings actually remind me of the Spring in so many ways. Both represent new beginnings. New life awakening.

The new day is filled with all possibilities and hope. Nothing has yet happened.

Have you ever noticed how you can be worried about something the day or night before, wake up in the morning, and it doesn’t feel so bad? Perhaps you and your partner have had a disagreement the night before, but wake up in the morning feeling less upset and angry with each other?

In the morning, it can feel like there is more clarity.

This means that mornings sometimes offer the best opportunities in relationships and in life! You can start the day as you mean to go on. You can set your intention for the day, get done the things that need doing as a priority, because if you leave them until later in the day, life tends to get in the way and interrupts your flow. The reasons NOT to do something start to stack up over the course of the day.

Too often I hear couples complain that they are just too exhausted by the end of the day to spend any quality time together, to reconnect and be intimate, to discuss important issues. So guess what? It never happens!

But if you want to prioritise your relationship, then why not set your alarm an hour earlier, get up, and spend some time together then? When you are feeling more refreshed, alert, creative, less stressed?

Go for a walk in Nature together and watch the sunrise. Sit and talk, shower together, or even just lie together and hold each other.

By doing so you are setting a new relationship intention every day – starting well means you are more likely to feel connected to your partner for the rest of the day.

And you follow the natural rhythm of the day, right from the very beginning.

And as you sit in your meeting, perhaps feeling pressurised or stressed, or demotivated, you can smile to yourself as you remember the intimate connection with your partner that morning. Feeling hopeful, renewed, refreshed.


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