Sew and you will reap!

As I was in my Personal Training session this morning, muscles burning from lactic acid, focused on my current “big goal” of achieving a 100kg deadlift, I was thinking about how much commitment our big goals require. When I train for a marathon, the regime is relentless, and impossible without the commitment.

Something we desire requires a big commitment on our part. The bigger the goal, or the more important that goal is to us, the more commitment that’s needed.

When some couples come to see me for Relationship Coaching, they often say their relationship is important to them, and they will say they’re committed, but then go through a phase of stuckness in the relationship when they don’t complete the home based exercises and tasks designed to bring them closer.

As a Relationship Coach, it’s my role to help the couple understand where the stuckness is coming from. Why the commitment is there in theory, but not in practice.

I find myself explaining that to have commitment we have to have the desire in the first place. Just as it’s the desire that motivates you to get up in the dark every morning and run outside in the snow, it’s desire that will keep you and your partner communicating even when things seem dark and cold between you, committed to your unique “big goal”, which can serve as your guiding light.

After all, although I can be there in the sessions to motivate and encourage and guide you, it’s your own desire and commitment that will keep you on the right track when you’re on your own.

The good news is, you really can create the relationship of your dreams if you and your partner CHOOSE to.  Desire is a powerful thing!

Think about a time when you really, really wanted something, and had that feeling that you would make it happen, no matter what, and then you achieved it, just like you knew you would. You were 100% committed!

Just as a farmer has to sew in order to reap the crop and enjoy the bountiful harvest.

So if you and your partner truly desire a joyful, fulfilling relationship, and are 100% committed to doing what it takes  to get there, I would be delighted to hear from you! Contact me by clicking the link below and let me tell you all about my tailored Relationship Coaching Packages for Couples.


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