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So you made it through Christmas and the New Year. And now you’ve made it through the first week back at work, and getting back into some kind of “normal” routine. Well done you! I often find it hard to get back into the swing of things after a break.

With all of that out of the way, perhaps you’re now starting to turn you’re focus on to other things. Like your relationship. Maybe you resolved to iron out your relationship issues this year “once and for all”, whatever that means to you.

So, how do you want your relationship to be this year? Do you want it to continue as things are (which, if it’s going well, is great, but if not, then not so great), or do you want to make changes so that your relationship can SHINE?

The great thing is, YOU get to decide.

What if, instead of feeling frustrated and powerless, you decided to take control and focus positively and proactively on your relationship? To tackle your issues so that you can feel closer to your partner than ever before?

To do this you need to really want to – you need to be motivated and stay motivated. Which, at this time of year, can feel like a tough hill to climb.

It’s still dark, cold, damp. With all of the festivities over, it feels like a long wait for the warmth and light of Spring. It can seem really far away. And sometimes, when we set goals for ourselves, the desired outcome can feel really far away too.

But we need to recognise that the end goal can take time. It’s not as though one morning we suddenly wake up to notice the sunlight, the birdsong, the blossoms, and all feels well with the world! There are natural processes and events that have to happen before we reach Spring.

And although we’re not always aware of it, now, Nature is constantly and quietly preparing for and moving towards Spring every single day. We can’t always see it, but there are miniscule changes and transformations happening under our feet, in the air, inside of us, all the time.  The steps are subtle, and gradual. Slowly, we move towards the light at the end of the tunnel, and It’s inevitable, and although we can’t see it, we never doubt it.

We have faith in Nature.

So take this lesson from Nature, and realise that to achieve the relationship you desire, all you and your partner need to do is set your goals, and decide together on how you’re going to get there. But in order to reach your desired outcome, you need to break your goals down into small, actionable, achievable steps. They can be subtle and gradual. The changes can be as slow as they need to be.  And just as you KNOW Spring is coming, have faith that you’ll achieve the outcome you desire. Put aside impatience, or feelings of overwhelm.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


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