Stop! Now breathe…

Stop. Just for a moment.

Go outside, ideally into Nature, somewhere quiet, where you won’t be interrupted.

Take a long, deep breath, in for 7 seconds, out for 11. Repeat three times.

Now look around you. What can you see?

Close your eyes.

What can you hear, smell, taste? Rub each finger tip with your thumbs, and notice how each finger tip feels.

Try slipping your shoes off and feel the grass beneath your feet.

Are there any areas of tension in your body? Notice them.

Honour and be grateful to your amazing body, which supports and enables you, all day every day.

Making time to reconnect your mind with your body like this can be powerful. Using all of your senses to reconnect yourself with the natural environment can be comforting. We get so wrapped up in our own bubbles of reality every day, that we can forget that we are connected to something far greater than we can possibly comprehend.

But once we remind ourselves, we can take comfort in the fact that we are part of, and held by, the Earth.

That no matter what else is happening in your life or your relationship – right now, in this moment, you are here. And right now, in this precise moment, you are OK.

Being able to reconnect with yourself and the natural environment in this way helps you to feel grounded, and gives you a much stronger foundation on which to build your relationship with your partner.

So take time to do this often – because you and your partner will both thank you for it!

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