Synergy and relationships

In nature, synergy is all around us.

A tree cannot exist without the environment, and the environment cannot exist without the tree.

Synergy happens in nature when two or more different elements come together to achieve changes much greater than they could achieve alone. As a result, there are many mutualistic relationships in nature.

For example, bees benefit from taking pollen from flowers for their hives, and the flowers benefit from the cross pollination over long distances that this affords them. Birds gain benefit from eating berries from trees and shrubs, and in turn the trees and shrubs benefit when the berry passes through the bird and is deposited back into the Earth, ready to grow a new tree or shrub elsewhere.

When you and your partner achieve synergy, you too can instigate huge transformations in your relationship. The key to creating conscious synergy is cooperation. Working together through challenges.

Crucially, synergy is not always about achieving harmony through you and your partner being the same as each other. It’s your differences that can make you the perfect match and balance you. After all, how different is a woodpecker from an elderberry tree?

This means that you do not always have to agree with each other, or share the same perspective. In actual fact, not doing so you can make your partnership stronger and more balanced, allowing you to achieve even greater transformation.

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