The fog of confusion

Sometimes, your relationship can feel like it is shrouded in a thick fog.

You can feel lost, confused, and unable to see or think clearly. This confusion, the “not knowing”, can feel uncomfortable, frustrating, or even frightening.

Not knowing what the problem is, not knowing how to manage the problem, and not knowing how, or whether, to move forward.

Sometimes, the discomfort of not knowing can lead to you act rashly, or make decisions that you later regret, just so that you can end the uncertainty.

My mother once told me, sometimes the best thing to do, is to do nothing.

And she was right.

Because fog always clears eventually. If you are patient enough, it will lift and dissipate. Light will penetrate once more, and your path will be revealed before you.

This is why as a Relationship Coach, I will never tell you what you should do.

But I will stay in that fog of uncertainty with you, reassure you, and guide you. I will help you to trust the confusion as part of your own, natural process.

I will help you to understand what the fog is, and what is causing it, so that when it dissipates naturally through your own improved understanding, you will see a clearer path.

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