What do you keep hidden from your partner?

Ninety percent of what makes up an iceberg is submerged underwater and out of sight.

Sometimes we are like icebergs. We too can keep an enormous amount of ourselves suppressed, whether that’s our emotions, our ambitions, our hopes, or our dreams.

We tend to suppress them through fear, guilt, or shame. Fear of how our partner will perceive us. Fear of rejection. Guilt or shame because we feel that we ought not to feel the way we do, or perhaps we have acted in ways that we feel we shouldn’t have.

And sometimes, we keep feelings buried from our partners because we also want to keep them buried from ourselves – facing them is too ugly or painful for us.

But, like icebergs, keeping important feelings hidden out of sight can be hazardous for our relationships, because they can come along later and trip us up, or worse, cause a shipwreck.

It can feel overwhelming to know where or how to start. So, simply starting by being honest with yourself about your feelings, is the best foundation to start to work on this in the context of your relationship.

When you get to the stage that you feel you want to open up to your partner, a Relationship Coach provides the guidance and support you need.

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