Your Extra-Special Valentines Experience; Part 3

During Valentines week, couples everywhere start thinking about what they can buy their partner as a gift, to show how much they care. Cards, chocolates, flowers, romantic meals, lingerie. But do you want to know the biggest gift you can give your partner? It’s this: positive attention. This week I’m showing you exactly how to give your partner positive attention, so that Valentines Day can have an extra-special meaning for you this year.

This Valentines week, instead of focusing on relationship problems, I’m setting you 3 simple challenges, focusing on showing positive ways you can spend time with your partner, demonstrating exactly what you appreciate about them and showing them positive attention.

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Challenge 3

Run your partner a candlelit bath using their favourite bubble bath or bath oil, pour them their favourite drink, and sit with them while they relax and tell you about their day.

Did you complete all 3 challenges this week? Have any ideas of your own? If so I’d love to hear all about them! Simply comment on this post, via Facebook, or contact me by clicking the button below!



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