Your Relationship Journey

To be in a relationship is like taking a lifelong journey together into the wilderness.

The terrain constantly changes.

There will be peaks and troughs. From the peaks, you will be able to take in the vast beautiful scenery, and it will be easier to see the whole landscape in panorama, with a sense of awe and space and appreciation. In the troughs, you might feel stuck or trapped, and find it difficult to see past the next hill together.

Sometimes you will flow around obstacles in your path together harmoniously, like a meandering river changing course and adapting to new circumstances. But sometimes you will hit a dam, and stop flowing, becoming still and stagnant.

Sometimes you will walk side by side, hand in hand, matching each others’ pace and travelling in the same direction. There will also be times when one or both of you diverts off course, stumbles, collides with the other, or becomes lost, scared and lonely.

Sometimes your relationship will feel like an abundant, harmonious oasis, full of colour, vibrancy, lushness and deep, clear pools of compassion, connection and creativity. And sometimes it will feel like an arid desert, harsh, barren and unforgiving.

The weather can change from serene, warm and bright one moment, stormy, cold and dark the next.

You will enjoy some parts of this journey more than others. Sometimes you will feel equipped to manage the ever-changing landscape, and sometimes you will feel completely out of your depth.

Sometimes you need a guide. Someone to help you to learn to seek for, appreciate and recognise the bounty and beauty in your relationship, and to give you a map and compass, a beacon in the darkness when things are more challenging. To support you through the inevitable change, growth and transformation and all the uncertainty that can bring, so that your relationship can bloom and thrive in times of harmony, and be resilient and strong in times of challenge. So that you can also enjoy the mystery and the magic of your journey.

As an expert, Nature Inspired Relationship Coach, that’s where I step in.

But, unlike many coaches, I cannot, and will not, promise you any magic or secret formulas, or any “quick fixes” for a long and happy marriage or relationship. The strongest and healthiest relationships simply don’t work like that. Yes, I can give you the tools to manage a crisis and move beyond an obstacle. And of course I can be there to help you navigate the inevitable storms that will pass through. But also I help you to move far beyond that. Because beautiful landscapes are sewn and cultivated and harvested over time, in cycles. Because a relationship is all about the journey and not about the destination, there are no shortcuts.

If you invite me on to your journey with you, we’ll take the scenic route. And the beauty that you will discover together along the way will be worth it. The depths you will reach will be greater. Your bond will be stronger. The longevity of your relationship established.

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